Product Portfolio


Mechanical Ventilation has been the core of the organization since its start over 25 years ago. Our affiliation with Bird Products, Bear Medical, VIASYS HealthCare and now with Vyaire Medical  has given stability to our clients and a one stop organization for all their  critical care needs.


Respiratory Disposables combined with our mechanical ventilation and infusion portfolio has been main driver in our sales success for our customers. This combination of capital and disposables strategy puts our customers at an advantage providing to their end users full  critical care supply capabilities.


Our alliance with Hospira a world leader in the Infusion and medication delivery has given our customers the full circle of critical care products. Our installed base covers the entire infusion line from PCA to Large Volume pumps and sets.


Our Anesthesia offering is one of the most complete in the industry. We offer the Vyaire product line of high quality disposables. Lead by the LIMBO circuit a standard in operating rooms around the world. Our Heat Moisture Exchangers offer a seamless transition from OR to ICU.


With our alliance with Vyaire Medical we have been able to offer monitoring leads and wires to not only the GE product line but also venture into all brands of monitoring accessories. 


Our technical support team is available to offer assistance to all our customers. We specialize in ventilation, infusion, vital signs monitoring. Our team has over 20 years of technical support experience.