Our Services


We have been in the Caribbean for over 25 years. Our relationships both hospital direct and with local partners covers every island in the region. Our strong holds in the Bahamas, Barbados, Jamaica, Grand Cayman have been in place since our inception. Our distribution network includes some of the largest hospital fulfillment companies in the region. We also have alliances with the main hospital builders for government and private sector investment. 

Central America

Our partners in Central America are dedicated medical supply organizations focused on government and private sector opportunities. Each of the local distributors are trained and supported by our sales and technical support  professionals. Registration of product and import are done according to the directives of the manufacture. All partners are fully screened and instructed on FCPA guidelines and regulations.

South America

Our South America distribution has taken years grow our network of partners. Our Joint ventures in the region have grown in the last decade by using countries such as Brazil to forge manufacturing alliances that have proven valuable to our growth and expansion in the region. As in Central America our partners are fully trained and verified in understanding and abiding by the rules and regulations set by FCPA guidelines.

Registration Processing Assistance Program

Our registration program is open to all our customers who are either working with us currently as distributors or if they are part of our product consulting program for Latin America. This service helps companies who looking to expand  their product portfolio into Latin America. Many companies need guidance to register product in the tier one countries such as Brazil, Mexico. We offer this as part of the consulting program or as a stand alone service. 

Medical Product Deployment

Marketing and commercializing product  in Latin America has always been a barrier  for many US and European based manufacturing companies. We have been offing a simple low cost alternative to get started and evaluate if the market is a fit for their product lines. We offer and strategic approach to Latin America minimizing risk and cost at the same time showing the possible profitability of the company within specific territories.

Latin America Consulting /Management

Management of Latin America has been a challenge for years. The volatility of the market, the changes in government, the lack of stability have always been a detractor for many manufactures  We at Panamed have for years offered many companies an opportunity to have a strategic discussion on what could be the future of their product in the region and if the product could be viable and profitable in this very different commercial socioeconomic environment.  This combined with our registration services gives the client a low cost low barrier to entry opportunity to test the product in the region.  Our team is composed of executives that have managed companies such as VIASYS HealthCare, Cardinal Health, BD, Bird Products, Sensormedics, Baxter, Allegiance to name a few. Our team has over 50 years of knowledge in capital, disposables and regulatory issues within the region.